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Statusuri Facebook In Engleza
    Bun venit pe categoria de Statusuri Facebook In Engleza! Aici puteti gasi o mare varietate de statusuri. Atunci cand vrei sa fii unic si cauti un status nemaivazut pe Facebook, aici este locul unde trebuie sa fii. Pe site-ul nostru exista o colectie intreaga de statusuri pentru a satisface dorintele tuturor persoanelor care cauta un status unic. Statusurile mai pot fi cunoscute ca: Statusuri Facebook de Dragoste in Engleza, Status Facebook in Engleza, Statusuri Facebook in Limba Engleza, Statusuri Facebook Englezesti, English Status.

1. just now realizing he ran out of toilet paper


2. buckle your seatbelt Dorothy cause Kansas is going bye-bye.


3. debating whether to take the blue pill or the red pill.


4. fighting the good fight.


5. is the stuff that dreams are made of


6. is somewhere over the rainbow


7. is singing in the rain


8. is walking on sunshine


9. is under the bed


10. thinking of a number between 1 and 10.


11. is sleeping because he’s not nocturnal.


12. is showing his colleagues your profile and they’re all laughing at your picture.


13. is sorry he missed you. Stand still next time.


14. is out of his mind, but feel free to leave a message.


15. keeps secrets from his computer.


16. What happens if I type here?


17. If you think nobody cares about you, try missing a couple of payments


18. scratch here ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ to reveal today’s status.


19. This space for rent.


20. Negative candles are cantdles


21. If only life came with a << REW PLAY |> PAUSE ▌▌STOP █▌ FF >>


22. is debating whether she should cut the red wire or the blue wire ... ¦


23. |> PlayTheMoments ▌▌ PauseTheMemories ■ StopThePain << RewindTheHappiness.

24. Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak


25. is Loading █▌█▌█▌█▌█▌█▌█▌ 99%


26. Sometimes I wish I were a little kid again, skinned knees are easier to fix than broken hearts


27. never go to bed angry. stay awake and plan your revenge.


28. 9 planets, 204 countries, 809 island, 7 seas, 6 billion people............. and i met you.


29. feels like getting some work done...and so he is sitting down until the feeling passes.


30. used to play sports. Then she realized you can buy trophies. Now she's good at everything.


31. is color blind and trying to solve a rubiks cube... This could take a while...


32. dreams of a better world...where chickens can cross the road without having their motives questioned :0)


33. says my computer just beat me at chess...but it was no match for me at kick boxing.


34. is cle'a] he'r ke]yb29oa;rd


35. is proud of herself. She finished a jigsaw puzzle in 6 months and the box said 2-4 years.


36. thinks that if your relationship status says, "It's complicated" you should stop kidding yourself and change it to "Single"


37. Be nice to nerds, Chances are you will be working for them.


38. is normally not a praying man, but if you're up there, please save me Superman.


39. is SO COOL that he wasn't born, he was unleashed.

40. is SO COOL that he doesn't sweat, he glistens.

41. is SO COOL that ice cubes are afraid of him.

42. is SO COOL that you can set your clock by his five o'clock shadow.

43. is SO COOL that he got Helen Keller to talk.

44. is SO COOL that ancient civilizations sacrificed virgins in anticipation of his birth.

45. is SO COOL that he can't be killed by bullets because they're afraid.

46. is SO COOL that when he plays Deal or No Deal, the banker always offers him a million dollars.

47. is SO COOL that he shot the Deputy after Bob Marley shot the Sheriff.


48. is wondering on which day God created Justin Bieber... couldn't he have rested on that day too?

49. thinks if Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga had a kid... it would look like Chucky

50. This just in from the centre for disease control.... To avoid catching Bieber fever... Wash your hands and grow up!

51. thinks everyone should stop teasing poor Justin Bieber... She has feelings too!

52. just found out that the next Hannah Montana will be played by Justin Bieber

53. is wondering what type of horrible mother calls their daughter Justin?

54. can't go out this weekend... I'm babysitting Justin Bieber

55. What can you write in 140 characters? How about the memoirs of Justin Bieber?


56. A faithful friend is hard to find;remember man and keep in mind...

57. Just say no to marriage !!!

58. A smile doesn’t cost anything ...

59. A bad workman always blames his tools!

60. I hate life and life hates me !

61. I welcome death.

62. Breathless kisses , burning touches,soft-spoken words of love urgently spoken words of passion!

63. Don’t be sad ,don’t be blue...Frankenstein was ugly too.

64. Always imitate the behavior of the winners when you lose!

65. I see angles in the sky , I’ve seen snow falling in July.

66. A friend in need i t’s a frienf indeed!

67. Out of my mind;back in five minutes!

68. Theme words are my own:From my heart : I love you,I love you,and I love you !

69. We've walked on this earth many times together;perhaps for a moment;perhaps for years


70. but our heart is one heart and we were meant to be.

71. We've been together before,in other lifetimes,we've fought dragons,and have been torn from each others arms yet our love prevailed...

72. Breathless kisses ,burning touches ,soft-spoken words of love urgently spoken words of passion...

73. A man and a woman,one complete love since time began predestined to be as one!

74. Be optimistic, all the people you hate are going to eventually die smile.

75. Love is like google, you have to go trough a lot of spam before you find what you’re looking for.

76. Same shit....diferent day!!!!It’s all about you ...

77. I can’t be with you So all I will do is sleep.Please don’t wake me up from this dream for it’s all of you that I can keep..

78. As I lay in my bed looking at the sky I thought ‘Were the heck did my ceiling go?!?

79. This is a sad and funny away message. The sad thing is you’re:)

80. Is that I’m at my computer desk laughing the whole thing up right now.


81. Confusius say: Man who eat jelly beans fart in technicolor


82. Todays another day time for new beginnings, yesterday I said mean things, but you know I didn’t mean it. It’s like running out on someone you love even though you still love them, all I needed was time to think, and realize how lucky I am. So when I said don’t talk to me and slammed the door in your face, what I meant to say was I love you and my door is always open, life wouldn’t be the same without you by me every step of the way.


83. Im not addicted...I’m just affraid of that voice that says ‘goodbye’


84. My two biggest problems are addiction to the internet and procrastination. I’m away from the Internet now...I’ll work on procrastination later.


85. I hate it when someone asks me ‘If everyone else jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?’ So, I’m on my way to go jump off a bridge because I wanted to be a trend setter and jump off the bridge first. I won’t be jumping just because everyone else did!


86. Notice how you and me are always online at the same time? You must be addicted.


87. If you got this message, I pulled myself off the computer in order to take a brief break. I really doubt that I’ll be gone long, and if I am, I am most definatly going through withdrawl, so please, stay, talk, I will return within seconds.


88. Cute enough to make you look twice, Sweet enough but not too nice, A lil crazy but not too wild, The kinda girl that’ll make you smile


89. God made mud, God made dirt, God made boys so girls can flirt.


90. Theme words are my own..From my heart . I love you,I love you,I love you,I love you


91. Breathless kisses,burning touches,soft-spoken words of love urgently spoken words of passion.


92. LA man and a woman,one complete love since time began predestined to be as one.


93. We’ve been together before,in other lifetimes,we’ve fought dragons,and have been torn from each others arms yet our love prevailed.


94. We’ve walked on this earth many times together,perhaps for a moment,perhaps for years but our heart is one heart and we were meant to be.


95. So when our time on earth,once again comes to a close have no worries my dear for we will find each other again,and again and again.


96. A special world for you and me,a special bond one cannot see,it wraps us up in its cocoon and holds us fiercely in its womb.


97. Its fingers spread like fine spun gold,gently nestling us to the fold like silken thread it holds us fast and bonds like this are meant to last.


98. Love is the greatest feeling,love is like a play,love is what I feel for you,each and every day,love is like a smile,love is like a song,love is a great emotion,that keeps us going strong,I love you with my heart,my body and my soul,I love the way I keep loving,like a love I can’t control,so remember when your eyes meet mine,I love you with all my heart,and I have poured my entire soul into you,right from the very start.


99. What a grand thing, to be loved! What a grander thing still, to love!


100. We have to look for the facts, not words (trebuie sa ne uitam la fapte, nu la vorbe);


101. Don’t be sad, don’t be blue..Frankenstein was ugly too (nu fi trist, nu fi suparat, si Frankentein era urat);


102. He who laughs last, laughs best! But he who laughs first , sees the point (cel care rade la urma , rade mai bine! Dar cel care rade primul,intelege poanta);


103. To be or not to be, this is the question (a fi sau a nu fi, aceasta este intrebarea);


104. A bad workman always blames his tools (un muncitor prost da intotdeauna vina pe unelte)


105. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush (o pasare in mana face mai mult decat doua pasari din tufis);


106. A faithful friend is hard to find; remember man and keep in mind (un prieten adevarat este greu de gasit; sa tii minte asta)


107. A friend in need it’s a frienf indeed (prietenul la nevoie se cunoaste);


108. A smile doesn’t cost anything (un zambet nu costa nimic);


109. Always imitate the behavior of the winners when you lose (intodeauna imita comportamentul invingatorilor atunci cand pierzi);